Book Review: Winterdance

Winterdance Gary Paulsen My Goodreads rating: 5/5 Stars Oh, Gary Paulsen is a gem. I laughed so hard. It took me back a handful of years to the several times I read Paulsen's Harris and Me to my kiddos. Rip-snortin' funny. And wonderful. Paulsen regales with stories of his journey to and through the Iditarod, and doesn't... Continue Reading →


I have to say, the snow falling outside my fire-warmed home makes me all seasonal-sappy. Amazing what a coat of white can do for the psyche. I went for my first AAH-IT'S-WINTER-AND-I'M-TAKING-A-WALK walk this morning. It required boots - and much orange, given my temporal proximity to the midpoint of gun deer season - and... Continue Reading →


Mid-July, in an email exchange revolving mostly around calculus, carpooling, and a boy named Fred, my dear friend - let's call her Yolanda* - appended the following personal news: Yolanda: Our clothes dryer broke down, so I picked one up for $35 on Craigslist. Hoping it doesn't burst into flames. For now underpants are on... Continue Reading →

The Big Tiny… aka Book Review #2

Interesting rabbit holes lead to interesting destinations. A while ago -  in the midst of some fits of frugality and the desire to move to the Boundary Waters once and for all and live out of a canoe - I decided to read Thoreau's Walden. I didn't finish it. In fact I barely started it, but... Continue Reading →

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