Book Review: Winterdance

Gary Paulsen

My Goodreads rating: 5/5 Stars

Oh, Gary Paulsen is a gem. I laughed so hard. It took me back a handful of years to the several times I read Paulsen’s Harris and Me to my kiddos. Rip-snortin’ funny.

And wonderful. Paulsen regales with stories of his journey to and through the Iditarod, and doesn’t disappoint. He is honest to a fault, flays himself open for his readers, and lays every ounce of himself out for inspection. He even seems to enjoy it. For a guy who’s lived the life he has lived, that selfless portrayal of what is and what was without a hint of apology maybe comes easy. A walk in the park compared to his experiences on the trail.

I’m ashamed that I haven’t read more of his fiction, but it’s now on my To Read shelf. Pretty much all of it. If this excellent specimen of non-fiction is any indicator, and if Harris and Me is at all exemplary of his fiction, I can’t wait.

A welcome re-entry into enjoyable reading.


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