[Way Back Wednesday] I am misplaced

There it is. October 8th, 2016. A gem. Believe it or not, this post was the beginning of what would become a full feature-length memoir. What is still to become a full feature-length memoir. She's only a few pages away from a completed first draft, and only a few months away from a fully completed... Continue Reading →

What was I thinking?

It's always amazing to me how effective procrastination is as a tool to get everything else in your life done. Always. What I really needed to do today was figure out what hilarious anecdote to share for the up and coming Terror and Storytelling Event. You see, the lovely folks who organize said event would... Continue Reading →

Lessons Never Learned

Our basement is leaking. Record rainfalls combined with ten years of sunken backfilling around the house, and of course, our basement is leaking. I'm not so frustrated that the rugs are sopping, or that the fans and dehumidifiers have been erected in an obstacle course worthy of an olympic sport at the base of the stairs.... Continue Reading →

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