Lessons Never Learned

Our basement is leaking. Record rainfalls combined with ten years of sunken backfilling around the house, and of course, our basement is leaking.

I’m not so frustrated that the rugs are sopping, or that the fans and dehumidifiers have been erected in an obstacle course worthy of an olympic sport at the base of the stairs. I am, however, frustrated that we didn’t bother to follow through on the annual realization that we need to bring in some loads of dirt to build things back up around the house. Even talked about how not taking care of it right away was going to result in forgetting again and some serious regrets in the not-too-distant future.

And here we are.

There are so many metaphors here I’m not even going to suggest one.

From the looks of the 10-day forecast and all the flash flood warnings, drying out is a pipe dream. Sigh.

Researching ark-building,

September 24 Update:


Problem solved.


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