A word on generosity…

I am the ultimate cynic.  I am a compassionless soul who spends far too great a percentage of her time judging those around me.  I am not proud of the fact – far from it.  But this is one of my struggles in life.  This is the vice that often reveals my true colors.

So it is that I am thankful for those who break through and renew my faith in humanity.  Who demonstrate selflessness.  Who knock me down a few pegs and remind me of the goodness in my fellow man that I am so quick to overlook.  Today there were many.

Thank you to those who reach out to help the little guys, no matter how unlovable they are.  Thank you to those who put in their all, no matter who is (or isn’t) watching.  Thank you to those who believe in my dreams, when they have no evidence of my ability.  Thank you to those who stand up for what they believe, consequences-be-damned.

And thank you to those who decide, for reasons totally unbeknownst to me, to follow an unknown blog that pops up out of an unknown corner of cyberspace, with some measure of faith that it will be worth it.

You all, every last one of you, humble me, and challenge me to become that generous person I am meant to be.

Thank you.

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