On finding your meaningful work…

Writers are scribes of the human experience.  To write about life we must see it and feel it, and in a way that eludes most.  We are not better people in any way – read the biographies of great writers and this becomes crystal clear – but we are alive in a way that others are not.  We are all about meaning.  About subtext.  We notice what others don’t.  If the purpose of the human experience is to immerse ourselves in growth and enlightenment, moving closer and closer to whatever spiritual truth you seek – hopefully have a few laughs and a few tears along the way – wearing the nametag of a writer makes that experience more vivid.  We’re hands-on with life, and in the process of committing our observations to the page we add value to it for others.

Larry Brooks, Story Engineering

Emily_2014_1026_029.JPGSo true, if a bit narrow.  We writers are an observant lot.  The art itself is quite the filter of the human experience.  But we are not alone.  I would propose that writing is but one of the endless ways that life is explored and investigated, plumbed and wrung out for meaning.  So while I take a certain amount of pride in Larry’s words, I also find them a few cents short of the golden dollar.

I do think that the true search for purpose is deepened immeasurably when we find our own meaningful work.  When we find the things that really make our engines hum.  And so much moreso when that meaningful work can be expressed with some sort of an artistic outlet. It is one of the mysteries of the human condition that participating in imaginative creation can somehow enrich our experience of the Creation all around us.  And I daresay of the Creator.

As for Mr. Larry Brooks, I appreciate the sentiment.  I think he’s on to something.  But he came up just a bit short.  Writing is truly a gift.  It is absolutely an intense collaborator on the road to enlightenment. There is no doubt that it is rewarding beyond the words penned.  But there are many helpers along the way, many artistic endeavors that point us further up and further in.

What’s yours?

* Photo courtesy of Emily

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