What a show!  I walked out of our woods this morning into the most impressive sunrise I can remember. Violent pink rising over the hills into gorgeous purple undulations. Exquisite.

One of our very prolific bunny warren met me at the mouth of the trees to share the view while a doe and fawn bounded across the dusky field between us and the pre-dawn fireworks. Little deer-bum flashes of white hopping to and fro, enjoying the party lighting. In every direction, the sky bloomed violet, with an aegean-blue crown overhead. Even the gravel driveway glowed with a mysterious purple hue.

It was a short walk. I didn’t want to leave ground zero, the best view in the land. And my foot was killing me, thanks to too much walking on the rocky beach yesterday. I’ve got one PO’ed tarsal that has given up all efforts at returning to its proper place. Glaring at me from below, determined to make me pay for the mistreatment, it sent me home quickly, just in time to catch my best friend, the bat, swooping through the pink sky, doing his best to rid us of  this new crop of mosquitoes. Fly, little bat, fly!

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

Seems to hold today. My red sky has given way to that eerie green that changes the mood of foliage and silences the woods before a doozy of a storm hatches. And she is moving in – a 1,000-mile wall of tempest, marching east, writhing and swirling. Chasing the red dawn.

Fly, little bat, fly!

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