The Rejection of Blog Awards

I promised myself back when I started this blog that I wouldn’t do the whole blog award thing. Something too chain-mail-y about it; makes me uncomfortable.

Complication is, someone nominated me for an award.

Since I really have no idea how the universe might unravel if I ignore said nomination, or how it might implode on itself if I just do the easy thing and go along with it, I’ll have to make a compromise.

I’m supposed to plaster a logo for the award here. No, thank you.

I’m supposed to answer 7 questions on my blog. Nope.

I’m supposed to nominate a bunch more people. Nope. I’m afraid the buck stops here.

And I’m supposed to thank the person who nominated me. Yes, indeed, I will happily do that.

Thank you, Allan, for thinking highly enough of my blog to nominate me for The Really Neat Blog Award. I really, truly, do appreciate it. I’m honored. And I hope you’re not too upset with me for not paying it forward.

Allan is a fine gentleman who does a whole lot of travelling, and takes a whole lot of gorgeous pictures. Head on over to PhotoBlography to take a peek. You can see the logo I’m opting out of as well, if curiosity is killing you. Even the questions. Then you can scroll on past all of that to see some of his real adventures!

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think the cosmos are holding together. Whew.

Happy Blogging,

6 thoughts on “The Rejection of Blog Awards

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  1. You are not wrong on this. I have been hit with two of these as I traveled across the continent for the last 2 months. I nomination is flattery, 2 is nice, but this third will be my last. It is a lot of work to complete and this one did in fact feel like a chain letter, whereby the recipients, including me did not even change the questions.I blog for my own satisfaction. If others read and get enjoyment, that is a bonus. Happy trails. Allan

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  2. It seems similar to getting a request for money from a charity. The first time, you respond out of a sense of responsibility, the 2nd out of a sense of guilt and the third out of a sense of embarrassment. Should not be that way. Like you, I blog for self satisfaction, rather than Hey, Look at Me. Keep on blogging.

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