A. Ham

Tonight, Lin-Manuel Miranda gives his final performance on Broadway as Alexander Hamilton. He is bowing out, after a year of intense success, and handing the mantle over to Javier Muñoz. Of course, it was our dream to see the original cast perform this revolutionary musical, and our dream it will remain. Five digits of dough... Continue Reading →

Dinner and a Show

I am enjoying a mediocre Chicken Marsala on the lowest deck of Jake's Supper Club when my attention is stolen from my companions by a puttering Murray lawn tractor. Across the river, an older gentleman, clad in 1980's swim trunks and a matching yellow life jacket, both faded and stretched well beyond their intended usage,... Continue Reading →

Another Return

Last week, we were marveling - the kids and I - at our own dependence upon the stream of seasons we are so blessed to travel upon in Wisconsin. It was a sunny Wednesday evening, just crisp enough to confront any delusions of true spring, but plenty warm to awake in us that primal giving... Continue Reading →

A child of change

They're singing again. A January thaw is upon us, and the birds of the homestead are ecstatic. My eyes snapped open this morning as an unknown avian friend warbled out her morning greetings. Shamefully, I can't connect her voice with her face in my jumbled-up brain, and sadly, my rusty echolocation, struggling to revive from... Continue Reading →


I found this post lost and lonely in my drafts folder. Apparently I never hit the publish button.  It seems a fine time to finally throw it out there, after I froze my butt off today pulling tomato cages out of the frozen earth, bedecked in blaze orange to alert the hunters of my non-deer-ness.... Continue Reading →

Moderation, even in writing (gasp)

You know you've read them before.  Maybe you've even written them.  That part of the acknowledgements where the author thanks their (husband/children/family/dog/goldfish) for living abandoned lives while they slaved over their book.  They come in all different forms, and varying degrees of absurdity. "Thank you to my ever-supportive family, surviving without me these many months... Continue Reading →

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