Story Structure #15: Act I, Stage 2: The Call to Adventure

Time for a change… 

The Call is just that, something that calls our Hero to inevitable change, growth, or both. Stage 2 has one mission, and one mission alone: to change the playing field for the Hero. It is a great place to use all kinds of artistic tools to show the need for change, the crossing of a threshold.

Our short list:

The Call to Adventure

  • New energy comes in to germinate the seeds of growth and change that have been planted in Stage 1
    • This is our Catalyst, our Trigger, our Inciting Incident
  • Herald often issues the Call
    • Other options:
      • Loss can indicate Call
      • Being shanghaied into adventure when running out of options can be the Call
    • Call can be disorienting and uncomfortable
    • More than one Call is acceptable
  • Tools to employ at this stage:
    • Synchronicity – coincidental occurrence of words, ideas, or events can draw attention to need for change
    • Symbols all over the place represent major threshold of change

That’s it. Not much there, but a whole lot there. This is the true start of our adventure, and as such should be treated with great care and contemplation.

A printable version, for your reference, can be found here: Stage 2: The Call to Adventure

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