Story Structure #22: Act II, Stage 9: Seizing the Reward

We made it! Our Hero has survived the Ordeal, and is now ready to take possession of that which he has been seeking all along. How exciting!

Seizing the Reward

  • Survival of Death – Big Deal!
  • Taking possession of whatever hero was seeking – Seizing the Sword
    • Not passive – generally active, aggressive even
    • Sword is image of hero’s will, forged in fire, broken, remade, sharpened
    • Could also be Holy Grail, Ultimate Boon, Jewel, etc…
    • Elixer – secret to life and death – often needs to be stolen
  • Celebration, rest, recuperation, refueling
    • Campfire-type scenes – gathering, reviewing, jokes, boasting
      • Nostalgia, remembrance
      • Catch breath (reader too)
      • Emotional, quieter moment (slowed from frantic pace)
    • Possible Love Scene (well-earned)
  • Initiation – Act III is new beginning in new rank – new creature
    • Death sharpens perception of life
    • Seeing through deception, seeing clearly
    • Self-realization
    • Epiphany – realization of divinity – seeing the cure
  • Conquest of death can create distortions instead of clarity (ego, etc)

More Ordeals ahead – back to quest!

A printable version, for your reference, can be found here: Stage 9: Seizing the Reward

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